Button mark To start the practice

Click on the " Start Guidance" or " Important" at the top of this site. Both buttons behave the same. We made two same buttons because it is important that you know first.

In this buttons, we will start guidance from the placement of the finger to the home keys.

Please understand firmly here the basics of touch type. The thing about the location of the home keys, and it hit the desired key by moving your finger from the home key, it is to return immediately to the home key your finger if you hit the key.

Button markFirst you learn just only four keys of "KIFR".

People, who handle the keyboard for the first time, often keep holding down the key long time. Immediately return to the Home key your finger when you hit the key.

You please repeat the practice until you can hit it with confidence without looking at the keyboard.

Button mark When you are understanding the "Start Guidance"

You should choose the "Emulate" button. And you will practice each finger. Practice to emulate the movement of the finger on the screen without looking at the keyboard. There is no reason to worry even if you cannot move your finger in the same way with the movement of the screen. Among the first is what the other fingers would also move. Touch your one finger or two-finger to the home keys if possible.

The fingers that touched are the aim for the order to return to the home keys. That all the fingers float from the home keys, cause the home keys position is not known, and an erroneous input is increased.

You will be using muscles you do not usually use. Please do not try to memorize at a time. Taking a break, and execute the physical condition management yourself.

When you come to think that there is no need to emulate the movement of the fingers, let's practice the "Mastery". To practice without looking at the keyboard is also important in this course. Let's practice to see only the screen without looking at the hand.

You will get tired of the same text. To make a your own text is easy. Flash player is to save your own text on your computer. Practice statement made to the menu button is displayed, so that you can practice at any time.

Even if you away from this site, when you return to the site again, you can resume that you had to practice at the end. Such as training courses and result name appears for that.

So, let's learn the touch type.