Practice of another language

If you want the practice of another language.

When you select a practice course in different languages with your computer, characters can not be the correct input. then situation that can not advance the practice occurs.

If you wants to do practice in the language of different, if Windows, by adding a keyboard service of language for the purpose, then you can proceed with the practice. how to add a keyboard service will guide you. In addition, it is inevitable that the shapes of a physical keyboard is different even in this case.

How to add a keyboard service(Example of Windows 7)

1、Open the "Control Panel".

2、Select "Region and Language".

3、Select "Keyboards and languages".

4、"Change keyboards" button click.

5、Select "Geneal".

6、"Add" button click.

Select the language. "OK"button click. Close the control panel in the "OK" button.

Then this language was added the language area of the Windows taskbar.

Setting to practice

It is not possible to practice in that language. To be able "Can Type" receives the language, you need to set up from the taskbar in Windows.

1、Please open the "Can Type" homepage in the browser.

2、Please select the language you just added to the task bar setting. In the case of the US Internationl keyboard, after you select the English, further, it is necessary to specify the Internationl keyboard.。