Important in typing lessons

If you tries to enter quickly, fingers away from the home keys, it becomes uncertain whether there is a finger in the home keys, then Miss input will be increases. Aware of the sense that is touching the home keys, cherish the accuracy.

Reason to put a right angle

Normally, when you press the switch, to use your finger as (B). Many people feel the unnatural that the tip of the finger press the keys. Therefore, peoples to practice touch type for the first time, will put the finger as (B), in the same way as when they press the switch. But when you hit a key on the top of the keyboard in the placement (B), you must move the whole hand.If you put the home key your finger at a right angle as (A), then you can type to stretch a finger. How to enter at the tip of the finger, you feel unnatural at first, but it's a reasonable way.

(A) Placement of the correct finger(A) Placement of the correct finger (B) Not good placement(B) Not good

How to practice

Point of exercise is that you do not see the hand. It is the practice that learn the sense of the finger movement of "direction and distance" to the characters. If you have received the aid of sight and you confirm position , this feeling does not grow.

Why aloud to practice

Let's practice while reading in a small voice. If you do not practice it aloud, conditioned reflex to react to the shape of the characters that appear on the screen will stick to your body. For example, the finger will move unconsciously when the letter "a", but will occur puzzled at the letter "A".