The course of progress

The first step is to type while thinking the position of the key in the head. You cannot learn the touch type if you are looking at your hand at this time. Let's continue the practice while paying attention to the "Tips for practice".

Over time, you may notice that you are hitting the correct key unconsciously sometimes. Finger is moved naturally without thinking the position. This is evidence that reflexes of the finger movement is made. Mistakes will be more at this time. If you come up to this stage, you will not forget typing. Children who learned to float on water once to be able to resume the practice from there as soon as next year. is what the body remember the position of the key.

After that, the input speed is faster in response to the amount of exercise. However, progress is stairs state. You may seem like progress is stopped at a certain level. You may think that's impossible, but if you continue to practice, suddenly, it is possible to exceed that level.