Frequently Asked Questions

Q Practice screen disappeared suddenly.

There is a possibility that (Can Type loses focus) Can Type does not receive the key input in the state, space bar is pressed.

Browser you are using to display the Internet, are made to the screen to scroll when space bar is pressed.The Can Type can not receive the input of the space bar, But instead the browser receives the input of the space bar, then the screen is had to scroll.

Please try to hit the space bar in the state that is being displayed this screen to try. It will be the screen to scroll down significantly.

Solution. Please click anywhere in the Can Type. You can to resume the practice.

This behavior may occur if the click operation hand touching the touch pad, such as a laptop, not intended as occurred. You can prevent this phenomenon click operation occurs unintentionally when I put in the place of dark green Can Type aside the mouse pointer.

Q There is no response to hit the keys.

Solution. Please click anywhere in the Can Type. You can to resume the practice.

Q Character can not be the correct input appeared.

You may have selected a practice course in different languages ??with your computer. In this case, characters that can not be the correct input will appear.

Q My computer is a Windows version of the United States. I want to practice a different language.

From Windows Control Panel, please add a keyboard language services of interest. You will be able to proceed with the practice if you use the Can Type in that language. Please see here about the addition of keyboard service. But the arrangement of a physical key is different even in this case, it is not avoided.

Q Why do you start practicing in the K key?

There is that, as described in " Practice screen disappeared suddenly", causing the scroll of the screen in the space bar, customers would have been surprised. We used the home position the key "K" in order to prevent it.

Q Home keys is different from the ordinary?

Please see this page for more information.。

Q It does not move the finger in the same way as the screen.

There is no reason to worry even if you cannot move your finger in the same way with the movement of the screen. Among the first is what the other fingers would also move. Touch your one finger or two-finger to the home keys if possible.

Q The blue lines appear at the top of the screen, but what is?

The blue line shows the progress of the exercise. It shows entire length of the practice statement in gray. Blue line will extend each time it is line input. It is the practice end when the blue line extends to the gray line end.。

Q The color of the base of the graph will change, but what's this?

Scale of the graph is switched according to the speed of your input. Color of the background will change in response to that.

Q In the practice of the time trial, I feel unstable interval count.

Than to show an accurate count, because we give priority to the judgment of the key input. But we made with an error of about 0.1 seconds or less at the end time.

Q There are characters that do not output the sound or to output the sound?

I am sorry. it is the characters that is not ready resources of voice.